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What are your rates?


Our rates are based on the number of musicians being hired, the duration of the engagement, and the distance of the venue location from Montreal.  Special music requests played at your event may entail  additional costs if we do not have the music in our repertoire. The cost of the sheetmusic will be added to your service fee. You will always be advised beforehand of any sheetmusic related costs.  

We are pleased  to offer you a no-obligation quote for your event. 

What is your minimum booking time? 


Our minimum booking time is one (1) hour. For wedding ceremonies, our trio will perform ten (10) minutes of complementary prelude music before the start time of the ceremony. After the minimum hour, you may hire us in half-hour or one-hour time blocks. When traveling time to an event exceeds one hour in one direction, we strongly recommend that our clients book us for a minimum of two (2) hours (ceremony and cocktails) in order to offset the travel costs.


Where can I hear you play? 


You can listen to samples of our most popular wedding pieces by clicking here.

hear play-eng
Does your trio perform outside of Montreal? 


Yes, we often travel outside of the Montreal region (eg. Mont-Tremblant, St-Sauveur, Montebello, Rigaud, Vaudreuil, Ste-Marthe sur Richelieu, St-Jean sur Richelieu, Ste-Hilaire etc). In such cases, we charge a travel fee to cover the gas expense and travel time for all three musicians. We generally always travel in one vehicle for longer distance trips in order to keep travelling costs at a minimum. Travel costs will be calculated and quoted when we prepare you a service fee quote. 

Do the musicians attend the wedding rehearsal at the church?

Because of our extensive experience with wedding ceremonies, we do not attend the wedding rehearsal. However, the music leader will coordinate the events of the ceremony with the couple before the actual day. 


It is important for the musicians to know how many persons will partake in the ceremony (flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaids, grandparents etc.) because they will be better able to synchronize the duration of the music with the number of persons entering to the music.  An order of service document that is usually prepared by the officiant or priest is always very helpful for musicians to have on hand. 

What will the musicians wear?

We generally wear black formal attire as not to stand out. During the summer, ladies may at times wear off-white blouses to keep cool when playing outdoors. If you prefer another colour theme, we are more than willing to accomodate your request., if it is possible to do so.

When do musicians normally take a break?
We normally take a ten minute break after the first hour. However, if the event lasts only one hour, we generally do not take one. The musicians will always try to coordinate our breaks with speeches or during transition periods (when the guests are being moved from one room to another) so that we can maximize our playing time.


When am I required to provide a meal for musicians?


This is generally not a requirement. The only exception to this occurs when the musicians are engaged for a function lasting more than three hours and during which their normal dinner period has been missed. A light meal is always appreciated for those engagements. The musicians will generally break at a designated time and it is often coordinated to coincide with a speech or toast for the couple.

How long has your trio been performing together?


We have been proudly performing together since 1996. Individually, we have over 25 years of professional experience performing in distinguished chamber music and symphony orchestras in Montreal and elsewhere throughout Canada. 


When you hire Trio Amore,  you are in the trusted care of professionals.


Can I hire two musicians instead of three?


Although Trio Amore is comprised of flute, violin and cello, you may have a preference for a smaller ensemble and Trio Amore can accommodate your needs. We have music repertoire to suit two instruments (duo: violin and cello OR flute and cello) as well as four instruments (quartet: 2 violins, viola and cello). The number of musicians largely depends on the size of the venue and of course, your budget. For an intimate wedding of 15-60 guests, we recommend a duo or trio ensemble. For a wedding of 60+ guests, we strongly recommend a trio.

It goes without saying that the trio ensemble will sound more rich and full with all 'voices' present.  



Why is your service fee is more than I anticipated?
Music is too important an aspect of your event to be trusted to just anyone. 

Anyone who has attended an event where amateur, sub-standard, or even student musicians were hired (because the price was 'right') can tell you it really is true--you do get what you pay for.  There is no substitute for the years of experience and the high level of performance expertise our musicians provide.  We have worked long and hard to get where we are today, sacrificing long hours to schooling and practice in order to become very good at what we do.   


Anyone can play a CD...fewer people can play an instrument, and fewer still play well. When you hire Trio Amore, you are getting something unique and special.  Leave it to talented professionals to make it just right.  

All this being said, our prices are extremely competitive and in line with other professional ensembles. 


How far in advance must I book your services? 

  Musicians are a little different from other wedding and commercial services. Your wedding dress, your caterer, or your hall often require bookings in advance of at least a year. However, we can be booked as early as one year or as late as a few weeks provided we are available on that given day. It goes without saying --the earlier, the better.

A signed contract along with your reservation deposit will guarantee your booking. Please note  that the 50% reservation deposit is NON-refundable once the booking has been confirmed.




Do your instruments require amplification? 

  Generally for most of our engagements, we do not require any form of amplification. Our instruments are such that they are naturally amplified and they can carry their sound quite far. The factors that affect the the sound are the size of the room, the number of guests attending and whether these guests will be in conversation or not. If there are 250 guests that are attending a ceremony, then an amplification system will not be required as the guest will not be conversing during the ceremony. However, if  our trio is performing in a large reception hall with guests in conversation, we may then require an amplifier to boost our sound to a comfortable 'ambiance' music setting.  Our trio can supply a very small, portable (battery-operated) 10-watt stereo amplifier in which each instrument will be 'plugged in' via pickups ( violin and cello) and flute (mic). There is an additional cost  of $60.00 for the use of our small portable amplification system . If your event requires a larger amplification system (1000-watt speaker), please let us know. 



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