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Booking Policy


Our rates are based on the number of musicians hired, the duration of the booking and the distance location of the event from Montreal.  It will be our pleasure to offer you a no-obligation quote for your event.


Your booking is guaranteed upon receipt of your signed contract, plus a 50% reservation deposit, as well as post-dated for the final payment ( dated the day of your event). 

This way, you can enjoy your day worry-free of payment matters.


Schedule Changes

Your deposit reserves your scheduled date and time signed in the contract. We recognize that, with events planned in advance, you may need to make small time adjustments as the event approaches. We will do our utmost to be flexible if there are no other prior or anticipated commitments on our part. Additional playing time, after a contract has ended, can be discussed with the musicians. Additional service fees related to overtime playing must be paid on site to the musicians. 

IMPORTANT: Cancellation Policy

Cancellations due to a change in the date or an unforeseen time change (of which Trio Amore was not notified or had not approved), an event cancellation or postponement, unfavourable weather conditions, illness are considered CANCELLED bookings. The 50% reservation deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.


TERMS for liquidated damages stated in booking contract: 

You understand that the service provided by Trio Amore is unique and that Trio Amore makes arrangements to provide music a substantial time before the Date of the Engagement. You understand that Trio Amore will engage musicians to appear on the Date of Engagement. If you cancel this contract, Trio Amore will suffer damages because of its obligation to those musicians. These damages are difficult to measure. Therefore, if you cancel this contract, Trio Amore will retain the reservation fee as liquidated damages to compensate Trio Amore for expenses and losses which result from cancellation of the Contract by You.

Outdoor Functions:

Our antique instruments are very precious and are vulnerable to certain environmental conditions such as direct sunlight, precipitation, and extreme cool/hot temperatures. Shelter (tent, gazebo or large parasol) for the musicians must be provided by the client in the event of unforeseen weather conditions. A tree to play under can provide good protection from the sun when an outdoor structure is not available. Extreme temperatures and windy conditions must also be a consideration when booking us for an outdoor event. Strong winds can affect the sound quality of the instruments and hinder the musicians' performance. It goes without saying that if your guests are not comfortable outdoors, the musicians will be EVEN LESS COMFORTABLE. We always recommend that our clients have an indoor 'back up' plan in case of unforeseen weather changes on the day of their event. 

 Overtime Fees:

    If an event begins late, the musicians must still end at the contracted time as they may have other commitments scheduled after your booking. During the busy wedding season, it is not uncommon for our trio to have 2 bookings scheduled in one day. Although we give ourselves ample 'cushion' time to get from one event to the next, any unforeseen delay on your part may cause not only a disruption to your event but also to someone else's event.  

It is therefore important for you to book the right amount of time to fulfill your event. Our minimum booking time is one (1) hour. Weddings that have communion service usually require an additional 15 minutes. 

If a booking runs later than the contracted time, an overtime fee PER MUSICIAN may be charged to you. 

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